Elevate your event to unprecedented heights with the unwavering expertise of our world-class atex professionals. 

Whether you’re planning a conference, virtual or hybrid event or any meeting that demands precision and engagement, our emcees, moderators, and facilitators are the answer. 

At the heart of atex lies a group of seasoned professionals who have honed their craft through interactions with millions of attendees. They possess an innate ability to empower your team, transform ordinary events into unforgettable experiences, and achieve your business objectives seamlessly. 

With these professionals by your side, you’ll witness the difference that sets them apart, as they redefine the standards of professionalism at your event, leaving an indelible impact on your audience. Your attendees deserves nothing less than the exceptional skills of our conference emcees, the true masters of their trade.

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Join the elite group of professional conference emcees, moderators and facilitators. We are delighted to offer you the chance to invest in becoming an official associate of atex. We invest in a concentrated set of resources, from contracting and administration to sales, marketing, and business development. All to drive and win more business for you.

We continue to invest towards our commitments to climate action and EDI and are developing our resources to promote, maintain and grow our position as the leading and elite voice of the professional emcee, moderator, and facilitator.

Your investment is risk-free. Our promise to you is that if we haven’t provided you with confirmed opportunities for the value of your investment by the end of your first year as a atex associate, we will refund your investment.

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