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Introducing the design studio: Where our expertise and creativity converge to shape your event aspirations into reality.

We recognize the inherent uniqueness of every event, and offer an array of bespoke packages to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking at reimagining a conference, redesigning the value of a trade show, or simply refreshing an agenda to really deliver on your ROI, our team of experts are dedicated to enhancing the attendee experience and ensuring that your objectives are met and the end event is etched in memory.

Our methodology is rooted in experience and precision:

Defining Your Vision: We specialize in crystallizing your event’s purpose and objectives, ensuring that every component aligns seamlessly to create an indelible, memorable experience.

Inspiring Engagement: Our deep analysis techniques unearth the essential elements that facilitate shifts in attendee behaviour, transforming your event into a truly impactful and engaging occasion.

Crafting the Blueprint: Our expertise extends to designing a prototype program that breathes life into your vision. We meticulously consider every detail, from content flow to production quality, to create a blueprint that exudes excellence.

Tier 2

Consultation + Co-Design
£5000-£8000 + VAT
  • If you’re seeking more than just advice and want to ensure that your event’s content and design are top-notch, our Tier 2 offering is your ideal choice. We step in as co-designers, working closely with you to optimize every aspect of your event. With 3-4 virtual sessions, we’ll fine-tune your program, align it with your budget, and offer support in terms of formats, hosting options, and content that resonates with your objectives.

Tier 3

Consultation + Co-Design + Implementation
£25,000 - £75,000 + VAT
  • For those who want a partner throughout their event journey, Tier 3 has you covered. We’re there from the very beginning, providing not only recommendations but also rolling up our sleeves to actively assist in executing your plans. This comprehensive approach offers unparalleled support, ensuring your event is a resounding success.

Tier 4

Bespoke Solutions
Price: Available on Request (POA)*
  • When your event aspirations stretch beyond the ordinary, Tier 4 is your invitation to go off-menu. This is where we tackle the big questions and embark on an adventure to create innovative formats, disrupt the event space, or revolutionize the conference experience. Whatever your vision, as long as it relates to the “attendee experience,” we’re ready to stand by your side.
No matter which tier you choose, our design studio is your partner in crafting events that leave a lasting impression. Let’s work together to transform your vision into a remarkable reality.

We are atex, are you?

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welcome to the design studio, where meeting design expertise meets the power of professional emcees.

Meeting and event design is all about creating immersive experiences that bring people together in unique and meaningful ways. It’s not just about making things look good; it’s about crafting moments that inspire, connect, and leave a lasting impact on attendees.

With a wealth of experience working with millions of participants, we understand what it takes to curate exceptional gatherings that captivate and inspire. Our expertise lies in transforming your agendas into engaging and memorable experiences.

Our focus is on making your events more impactful by reimagining content delivery and suggesting formats that resonate with your audience. From interactive sessions that encourage participation to innovative approaches that keep attendees fully engaged, we ensure every moment is purposeful and delivers on your objectives.

your step-by-step guide to elevate the attendee experience…

design studio

step 1: understand your objectives

Before diving into the meeting design process, we take the time to understand your event’s objectives and goals. Whether it’s fostering networking, driving engagement, or sharing vital information, we align our approach with your desired outcomes.


step 2: crafting engaging agendas

Our team collaborates with you to curate agendas that engage your stakeholders. We design and facilitate interactive sessions, workshops, and panel discussions to encourage active participation and meaningful conversations.


step 3: suggesting content formats

Drawing from our extensive experience, we suggest innovative content formats that breathe life into your event. From TED-style talks to fireside chats, we’ll recommend formats that resonate with your attendees and ensure that your message is conveyed effectively


step 4: emphasising audience experience

We place the attendee experience at the heart of our design. By carefully considering the flow of the event, integrating moments of surprise and delight, and catering to diverse learning styles, we create a seamless and memorable experience for every participant.


step 5: collaborating with speakers and presenters

We work with your speakers and presenters, offering coaching and guidance to help them deliver compelling and impactful presentations. Our aim is to ensure all content aligns with the overall theme and engages the attendee.


step 6: leveraging technology

Incorporating technology thoughtfully, we will advise on the interactive tools, event apps, and virtual platforms you might wish to use to enhance engagement and make the event experience seamless for both in-person and remote attendees.


step 7: hire a professional

A professional emcee will facilitate memorable attendee moments all in line with your event objectives. From solving unscripted challenges or creating energy to providing different formats to support nervous speakers. Our emcees will work with you to deliver on your objectives and ensure that any onsite problems are dealt with smoothly without any extra work for you.

don’t just take our word for it.

“Thank you for organising it so well and for the fantastic positive energy you brought to it!”

International Society – Annual All Staff Conference 2023

"Congrats on putting together a programme that felt serious, educational, varied and worthwhile. It was appreciated.”

International Trade Show Knowledge Programme – Head of Events

"It is so nice to have some new creative thoughts. Keep the suggestions flowing. This will give it purpose.”

Sales Kick Off 2023 – Global Data Services Company